Your work up close

Your work up close


As promised, here is Square Circle Issue 17.2, featuring your work up close, much of it in blanket layouts for the Jabulani Khakibos Kids and Ten Thousand Homes.

It completes last Sunday's ezine, which had it been any longer may have made you feel like this little tot happily asleep in his new blanket, or like our South African knit-a-square ladies at the end of this ezine!

SQUARE CIRCLE ISSUE 17.2, October 29 2009


A video to gladden your heart

Your work up close

Dates for the knit and crochet tele-seminar series

Since Sunday we have been joined by 21 subscribers and nine members in the forum including two men, which is always exciting. Welcome to you all and we really look forward to meeting you in the forum and ravelry group.

A video to gladden your heart


The Jabulani Khakibos Boys video is now replaced with a video of touching snippets of children at many of the distributions in the last six months, singing and saying their thanks to you.


Ronda takes snippets of video at all the blanket distributions. I have strung them all together and the result is a chorus of song and prayer from these little children thanking you for all you do. Here is it is.


These many photographs showcase just some of the work arriving in South Africa. By far the greater contributions we receive are our beloved 'plain jane' squares. Without them we could not make up the quantities of blankets we do. You may spot some of your 'plain janes' in the blanket layouts shown here.

Many of the photographs are captioned, but most are just a visual feast and a celebration of what you are achieving. Whether your work shows up in these photographs or not, please know that everything you send is a huge gift for the children who receive your beneficence.

Please make sure that you read the details of our 'Knitting and Crochet Hero's Tele-seminar Series at the bottom of the ezine which starts on Wednesday 18 Thursday /19 November. We are REALLY excited about this and see it as way to introduce you to some fabulously interesting knitting and crochet folk with fascinating stories to tell, while we get to meet many potential new KAS contributors. A victory for everyone.

left above, July Challenge from Marion Gous of Rooihuiskraal, South Africa. We were very lucky to be featured an article in the South African magazine, Vroukeur. Since then we have had many amazing contributions from women all over South Africa. Thank you Vroukreur.

Right above, Erin Hawkins from Reims in France sent these super squares, some of which were used in the August in Africa challenge blanket featured on the right below.

Another Ten Thousand Homes blanket layout below with initialled squares by Kyla from Canada.



Left, another contribution toward the hundreds of squares from Ronda's Parish, Bryanston Catholic Church. Middle, 74 sqs from H Cooks and right, Betty Dreitlein of California, sent 70 fantastic squares. Both wonderful individual contributions.


We sent this bunny comforter square in a blanket,
with Jo, one of our KAS volunteers, to a little girl of 17 months old,
named Masego.

She lives in the Protea South squatter camp with
her grandmother.

She was born with a boy twin but he died when they
were only 7 months old.

Jo says the situation is just too sad for words
– they have nothing at all.

So we bundled up some warm tops, a blanket
for Masego with this clever comforter contributed
by Lorraine Soukup.

it is stories like this, that make us know the value
of the work you do.


All the Johnsons! Above, Christine Johnson's work including a July Challenge baby blanket, fabulously creative August in Africa squares, September Challenge felted squares for the Hill Kids and Christmas presents galore which just 'slipped' in! Below, 95 squares and 17 beanies from Pam Johnson, UK and on the right, Ronnie and Sallie Johnson. Go the Johnsons!

Veronica La Du (12), above, who organised friends, family and her community to knit 700 squares – wow! Veronica is an inspiration to other young people. She also graces much of our promotional material, so she is working all the time to promote knit-a-square. A fantastic contribution, well done and thank you very much Veronica.


Left, from Helen Flagg on behalf of Clear Lake Methodist Church, 142 squares and 4 beanies and right, from Sandra Pace on behalf of WestWinds Church, 136 squares. These bundles of squares from churches and communities are greatly appreciated, as there are often enough squares for at least 5 – 6 blankets. It does not sound a large quantity, until you actually think of 5 to 6 children. That is cause for reflection. Having a positive impact on that number of children is truly incredible.

Left, St Marks Episcopal Church, Arkansas and right, Lauren Fissel's contribution. She had such a great idea and sent plastic rain poncho's for the Hill Boys. Ronda says we should put these on the KAS wish list.

Warm fluffly squares from left, Michelle Heckman and right, Marya McDonald, who we hope is Roger's sister from Brisbane!


Five stunning ready-made blankets from Wenona School, Cremorne, NSW Australia co-ordinated by Aisha Stuart, a year 6 student at the school. We are always so pleased to see the work of the younger members of our community. Thank you Aisha and all the students who participated.

Aren't these two sweaters left above beautiful? They are from Carole Metzger of Chicago. On the right, Florence King of Roxbury and the Hooks and Needles Group, 211 squares, fabulous contribution, thank you.



Left, another great effort from a church community, 142 squares from Trinity Church, MacKinac Island and right, Frances Quinn of New York sent these three little sets with very attractive and interesting top and side fastenings, lovely.


Five of our very regular contributors from the forum who send piles of beautiful squares, loads of 'slipped' in gifts, baby clothes and all of whom spur on the KAS community.





From top to bottom: Laurie Hake (gorgeous Africa in August Squares), Dawn Laverty, (superb baby blankets), Paulette Pronk (sends so many generous parcels), Mary Lokken (sewing kits for the go-go's) and Karen Fontana, who along with Anne and Jeanne cheers us on! Thank you all so much.



A four page story written by Camille Iann, Director of Secretarial Support Services in Mosaics, the secretarial newsletter of Dewey & Le Beouf, a law firm with offices all over the world. She writes about their amazing contribution of 1,100 squares from legal secretaries in all their offices, globally.

This sets a fantastic challenge to all corporations around the world to prove they can do the same. Thank you again everyone at Dewey & Le Boeuf for contributing so wholeheartedly to our cause.





Dates set for the Knitting and Crochet Heroes Tele-seminar Series


Our idea to bring you fascinating stories live from the world of knitting and crochet has finally arrived! The first of a series of online interviews with our 'knit-a-square heroes' – legends, eccentrics, writers, designers, business gurus- knitting and crochet bloggers – launches on November 19, 2009.

Please put these dates in your diary. We will write soon with the details on how you take part. You just need your computer and the link and access code we will send, to listen to the interviews and ask questions at the end.

At this point, we have confirmation as shown, on these dates and we will confirm the other two shortly, but we hope they will all be one week apart. We are also waiting on confirmation of one other participant, but we may put them into the second series planned for February next year, because of the proximity to Christmas.

Liz Raad, published author of knitting for profit and business consultant (19 Nov 9am Sydney / 18 Nov Vancouver & LA 6pm, London 9pm, NY 8pm)

Sally Goldenbaum, published Author of the Seaside Knitters Mystery series

Susie Hewer, Guiness World recorder holder and innovative fundraiser

Sandy McDonald, co-founder of KasCare (10 Dec, 9am Sydney / 9 Dec, Vancouver & LA 6pm, London 9pm, NY 8pm)



Don't forget you to have a look at the new KAS book review page. A hundred percent of the proceeds from the sales of any of these ebook or physical book products go directly to support our work with the children.




A little bit of fun

Perhaps it was a really long day of opening and sorting. Pauline you will recognise your circular blanket which Lindiwe and Jo pounced on as they said it would make a very glamorous hat, which it does indeed!

We are right in the middle of our Spring Racing Carnival here in Melbourne and it would happily grace a race-goer – not quite so sure about Ronda's look though!



We will be in touch again to remind you about the details of the tele-seminar but until the end of November now, please keep knitting and crocheting.

How proud will we all be if we hit the milestone of 2000 blankets by the end of the year. Let's try.

I'm off to my knitting needles! Take care everyone, Sandy

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