Ten Thousand Homes

Knit and crochet for this amazing charity for children

Ten Thousand Homes is a Christian based charity for children that 'desires to provide a home' for these previously homeless children, many of whom are AIDS orphans.

Knit-a-square was contacted by Jennifer Price and Keri Dodge who work for Ten Thousand Homes, to see if there was a way in which our crocheting and knitting project could be extended to their children.

She explained that Ten Thousand Homes was about more than just providing homeless children with a roof over their heads. "A home being more than 4 walls and a roof, although that is important too! We are working to build a care center in one of the communities we work in. A place that the kids can come to get help with their homework, a hot meal, love, interaction, and everything that a healthy home would provide."

Sadness and Hope
This video is a moving testimony to hope, when children's charities such as Ten Thousand Homes work to alleviate the immediate suffering of the children, but also to provide them a basis for a future. Please watch it.

Watching this, we are all empowered to help change these children's future.

Sweetness and Mama V are two stories that evoke two sides of this tragedy, sadness and hope.

In reading them you will gain a greater understanding of what besets a child bereft of everything, or having to look after a sick or dying parent, but it is the hope so evident in these stories, that is inspiring. This charitable work helps to capture the innate joy in children and allow them to enjoy the normal things of life. People such as Mama V are heroines and we celebrate them.

Ten Thousand Homes works with Mama V (Victoria Hlatshwayo) and other local Africans to assess the needs of each child which includes "food, clothing, meds, and sometimes a new home."

What a synergy: one thousand bricks to make a home, ten thousand homes the goal. Ten thousand blankets to make ten thousand children warm.

Ten Thousand Homes and knit-a-square's
crochet and knitting project

Knit-A-Square's involvement with Ten Thousand Homes kicked off with a bang a few years ago, when we matched individual knitters with residents in Ten Thousand Homes communities. Each child received their very own, individualized blanket.


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