Just a few knitting stitches everyday, anytime, anywhere

Just a few knitting stitches everyday, anytime, anywhere

Just a few knitting stitches, that is all it takes, everyday, anytime, anywhere, and you will quickly complete an 8 x 8" square.

Knitting for charity has never been easier as these committed knitters prove. Use our free easy knitting pattern or whatever knitting stitches you love to work with. As long as your square measures 8 x 8", it will soon be in a much loved and unique baby blanket wrapped around an AIDS orphan in Africa.

The goal is 400 000 squares in 2009, many hundreds of millions of stitches.


knitting stitches

The showgirls of Glamour Puss Studio, backstage during their annual tap dancing extravaganza.

This would be an impossible goal, except for all the wonderful people knitting for charity around the world.

We would love to acknowledge you all, so we challenge you to send us pictures and stories of your wonderful efforts to knit squares for these children, and we will publish the best ones in each next issue of the Square Circle ezine.


knitting for charity

It's going to be an amazing collection and tell the story of all of you, who have so generously contributed to making a unique baby blanket for the abandoned children and AIDS orphans of Southern Africa.

So please knit a square anytime, anywhere and take a photograph to upload with your story in the form below.

Click here too for your super easy knitting pattern and the postal instructions to make sure your squares reach Africa safely.

And if you planning to visit South Africa , you may want to consider filling in our survey regarding an accompanied tour. Thank you all.


Here I am knitting anytime, anywhere . . .

Please add to our collection of fabulous photos to tell us your story of knitting anytime, anywhere – watching the tennis, backstage, onstage, in a bar, up a mountain, on a boat, camping . . . or perhaps you knit just a few stitches everyday, like a prayer or a mantra, before you go to bed.

So take a photo and upload it. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! And it demonstrates your generosity too, in helping the AIDS Orphans.

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