Hotel Hope – a childrens charity brings hope to orphans

Hotel Hope – a childrens charity brings hope to orphans infected or affected by HIV AIDS


This childrens' charity was been started by Oliver Quambash. He visited South Africa from Germany and immediately recognised the desperate needs of orphans, infected or affected by HIV AIDS. He returned to South Africa to open Hotel Hope dedicated to rescuing these abandoned children and AIDS orphans.

Orphans home

The philosophy of Hotel Hope is give the children a consistent family life, with God-parents, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents in a small loving and nurturing, family home environment. At present they have two houses alongside each other, the second one still needs a complete refurbishment.

While HIV AIDS is a main reason so many children are orphans in South Africa, as Oliver wrote in his first magazine, poverty is the single greatest factor, particularly as refugees pour in from Zimbabwe escaping starvation and now, cholera. Young mothers have no hope of raising children in an environment which offers no support, some hostility and when they may be desperately ill with HIV AIDS.

orphan child

The orphans of South Africa are a hidden tragedy. An estimated 1.5 million children are without their parents, facing a future devoid of family love, education and a future.

Hotel Hope as a new childrens charity seeking to make a difference for these children, deserves support. The orphans of South Africa and Zimbabwe depend on it.

Hotel Hope is soon to open a charity shop which will help toward refurbishment of the homes and clothing the children. Knit-a-square's role here will be to send squares for blankets for the children living in Hotel Hope homes. But also to act as a conduit for donations. If you download the Hotel Hope magazine, their bank details are listed.

They are also keen to receive warm woolly items such as the easy square pullover , Zanny has designed.



Children's charity manager

Please knit and send an 8 x 8" (20 x 20 cms) square specifically for blankets for the Hotel Hope children. Click here for instructions, and mark on your envelope, ONE KNITTED SQUARE ONLY – HOTEL HOPE. Thank you.

Also you can email Oliver direct at, if you would like to receive his newsletter or donate to refurbishing the second house.

Please subscribe to the Square Circle ezine for news of this inspirational childrens charity, the children and their blankets.

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