Come with us to South Africa

Come with us to South Africa


In 11 hours we will be on our way to South Africa. While some of the trip is about a long planned family reunion, much of it will devoted to meeting our wonderful volunteers and our children who we help look out for.

Come on the journey with us. The family plan to keep a diary of events as we travel around South Africa. The first week we are in Ngwenya at the bottom end of the Kruger National Park, the world's largest natural game reserve.

After that we are in Johannesburg for 9 days and we will be busy meeting, and visiting, and seeing the results of your work up close.

We would love to share this with you and the KAS community, so we have created a blog:

Look forward to seeing you in there over the next four weeks!

Sandy, Roger, Kalai, Cressida and Zanny (plus the lads, Sunny and Glenn!)

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