Charity knitting hero: Laura Zalesak, initiator of KAS @

Celebrate a charity knitting hero

Laura, beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

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Laura wrote in early March 2009:

"There is an awesome online social site called for keeping track of patterns, projects, stashes, books, hooks, needles etc… and I would like to start a group on there for this charity. Hopefully it will pull a nice gathering of more people who can help out. I would like to start the group and use the logo for it and post some important info (like your website link, knit-a-square's mission, sending address, and requirements). I checked to see that a group wasn't made yet and there doesn't appear to be one. I have subscribed to the RSS feed on your site, so I'm keeping up to date on important information and updates. Other group moderators can be added as well."

We were delighted. It is a great site and Laura did an excellent job of summarising knit-a-square's mission on the opening page of the group and continues to do great work moderating the group.

One poster comments: BTW, I think you are doing an awesome job as moderator- very thorough and patient! And she is too.

We all wish Laura well as she waits for the arrival of her first child.

Within a short space of time the group had 170 members and its membership is growing.

One of the most exciting aspects of the site is the 'stash feature' where you can trade or sell your stash of yarn, organised by fibre type and manufacturer. There are literally thousands of stashes to chose from. Like one huge warehouse! And with crochet and knitting pattern ideas to match. There are also 11,034 patterns free for download which is amazing.

So please join the group. You will be supporting Laura and knit-a-square at the same time.

Join the Group
To join you will need to go to, fill in your name and email address and request an invitation to join. That takes about 5 days. When you get your confirmation email, click on the link, enter chosen user name and password, then go to the tab called Groups. Search for knit-a-square and you will find a very lively conversation there to join in. Well worth it.

You will also find the crochet instructions for some specifically designed Square Vests posted by Kokkele there for knit-a-square, which are really pretty. And you may find too, a simple, easy pattern among the free patterns downloads, that we could add to the 'Square' selection of garments on the site.

Please also join Square Circle for more stories of our heroes and their efforts to help keep the children warm.

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