Charity knitting hero: Kerry Paris, creator of the knit-a-square forum

Celebrate a charity knitting hero

Kerry Paris, UK – creator of the knit-a-square forum


Kerry lives in Essex. She first wrote to me in early March 09 to let me know about a knitting festival in London this coming September called i-knit London. She volunteered to hand out flyers, but also came up with this innovative idea.

knit-a-square on the go

She wrote: "Also there should be many stitchers wandering around looking for activities, perhaps if we could gather some donated wool and offer a cup of tea they might be willing to take a break for 15 mins and stitch a bit! We could have squares on the go that people can just pick up and do a few stitches on while they chat?"

Brilliant. We should instigate this idea at every knitting and crocheting festival around the world. Any volunteers?

knitting forum

Then she wrote a few days later to make this generous offer:

I was also thinking, what do you think of having a forum?

You have a blog which is very good, but I find it a little inaccessible (not a complaint, I'm not the best at technology). A forum might be a great place for all the lovely people who are helping you out to chat and exchange idea's and get to know each other.

I don't know quite what it is about this project that has really struck a chord with me, but I feel like I want to help and be a part of it. Crocheting squares with beautiful wool is relaxing and uplifting and its wonderful knowing how much a child will love what my squares will make.

She offered to spend the time to both investigate what was available and to set it up as she said: " This project is wonderful for the children but also don't forget it is marvelous for those taking part. I'd love for a forum to bring us all together."

Within six days she had set it up and very shortly it had 75 people contributing to it.

Given that Kerry is not technological (by her own admittance) this is an amazing feat. She is moderating the UK region of the forum and is administrator of the site in her own free time, which will be an ongoing commitment as more and more people find knit-a-square.

And she has been willing to spend many hours communicating with me through the setting up issues of the forum. I hope you will support her in her endeavours and, of course by doing so, support knit-a-square to make this a world wide crocheting and knitting project.

Please also join Square Circle for more stories of our heroes and their efforts to help keep the children warm.

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