Charity knitting hero: Jill Wright, our crocheting support

Celebrate a charity knitting hero

Jill Wright, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains


charity crochet

Jill runs a website business from home, called, also through Site Build It (like knit-a-square).

I contacted her in January 2009 to ask her if she would be kind enough to do a crochet pattern of the Square Vest, just on the off chance that there may be people visiting the site who wanted to crochet rather than knit.

Given the fact that Jill is a busy mother with two small boys who runs her own business, she was so quick to oblige and I had the pattern back, with photograph, in a matter of days.

Since then Jill has actively promoted knit-a-square on her site. She also provided me with a square pattern overnight plus photograph, when I asked her to, in response to your many requests to crochet squares.

She has designed another three squares and made them available to you on her site.

Jill has accumulated a vast body of information about all things to do with crochet. So if you visit her site, you can support her and knit-a-square by using her beautiful square patterns.

Please also join Square Circle Square Circle for more stories of our heroes and their efforts to help keep the children warm.

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