Celebrating charity knitting heroes

Celebrating charity knitting heroes


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Simple. Profound. Life changing.
Giving is Living presents a clear, practical guide to making generosity a part of our everyday lives. It shows us how small efforts to reach out to help those in need can make a real difference.It explains that generosity does not have to be about giving money. It can start with a smile, cost nothing, and it can do so much good.

While charity knitting or knitting for kids may have been of interest for some of these knit-a-square heroes, they have taken to heart the plight of the AIDS orphans, and are championing this crochet and knitting project with a passion.

It is this commitment that will continue to drive interest and ensure that we reach our goals.

The goals are modest, given the scale of this unfolding tragedy, but as each of you takes ownership of this project, or spreads the word, we are more likely, to not only achieve the goal of
10,000 blankets in 2009, but beat it.

Every additional blanket keeps another abandoned child or AIDS orphan warm.

You are all charity knitting and crocheting heroes
The map represents all the states and provinces of the countries around the world from which you, and many hundreds of knitters and crocheters, are sending squares.

Over and above charity knitting, for every square you knit and every person you tell about it, you are all contributing to changing the world's awareness of the plight of these children.

There are many people who deserve mention on this page and to whom knit-a-square and the children who will benefit as a result of their work, owe grateful thanks. We hope too, that there will be many people in the future who we can add to this growing list.

Please take the time to read some of these inspiring and heartfelt commitments to this project as we post them to the blog over the next few weeks.

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