BLANKET SUPPORT – A new shop item to support the Gogos

Hi everyone!

You may remember a few months ago, we mentioned that we were introducing a program which allowed us to financially support some of the communities of volunteer Gogos who do such a beautiful job sewing up our squares into blankets.

You can read more about this exciting initiative in Excitement in Evaton and Tea with the Sisonke Gogos. (You should definitely re-read these stories when you have the time!)

This project has proven to be quite a success, and we’d like to be able to continue this support, and possibly even expand it to other groups of volunteers in the future!

To this end, we’ve added a new shop item:


Blanket support for a Gogo

For just $5 USD, you can provide blanket payments for one or more blankets, supporting the women in the KAS community who in turn support us and the kids.

As well as the immediately obvious benefits (beautifully assembled blankets), supporting these women has great trickle on effects for their families and community. We’ve often heard stories of these older women becoming primary caregivers for very young children, or supporting other members of the community by providing child care or other important help. Financial support for these women also supports many other people in the community.

In supporting the Gogos by sponsoring a blanket support payment, you can be a part of this initiative to help the whole community.

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