35 Squares

It takes 35, 8 inch (20 centimetre) squares to make one blanket for an AIDS orphan.


Many members of Knit-a-Square are fiber artists. They create magnificent images on a canvas of wool to the delight of all who see them.


By Anneke


By Linda


By Robin

The most important square for the orphans of South Africa however, is the

Plain Jane

A Plain Jane is a simple one yarn, one stitch square. When possible we sew one artistic square with 34 Plain Janes to make our blankets.

One of our members, Anne from Canada, has written a beautiful poem that explains of the importance of “PJs”:


Knit Plain Jane


I’m just a ‘plain Jane’ square

Nothing fancy, nothing grand!

Just a ‘plain Jane’ square,

Made by a loving hand.

You think I’m not important?

Well, think again, my friend!

‘Cause many other ‘plain Janes’

When they’re joined end to end

Crochet-Square-Plain_JaneWill keep an orphan warm at night,

Wrap ‘round them on cold days,

And tell them that they’re loved

In, oh, so many ways!

Even if you have never knit or crocheted before, you can master a Plain Jane in no time!

Won’t you give it a try? Here are the links to free KAS patterns:

Knit Plain Jane Pattern

Crochet Plain Jane Pattern

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