2014 KAS CALENDAR (and other shop goodies!)

The new 2014 edition of the KAS calendar is now available for purchase in the shop!

You can buy it now for $9.95.


Many thanks to Sandy for designing next year’s KAS calendar, it is full of beautiful photos of the kids and your knitting masterpieces. The money from every purchase helps us to continue the distributions and support for the kids, their carers, the creches and the gogos of South Africa.


All of the products in the shop are sent to you as digital files which can be printed off straight away at any local printing shop, which makes them perfect ‘last minute’ gifts for friends or family who are a challenge to shop for. While you’re at the shop, maybe you can think of someone who would really appreciate a gift of one of the other items.



Paper for a Creche


Fuel for a Distribution

Snacks for a Distribution


Have a wonderful end of year, and I hope to see everyone even more enthusiastic come 2014!

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