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Dear Members,
I wanted to touch base again with a very quick update about some recent developments for KasCare, particularly following our recent collaboration regarding blankets for Syria.
I want to start with a very big thank you from myself and the Board. It was wonderful to see and feel the generosity and enthusiasm of the forum members in responding to our invitation regarding the Syrian children. By now, I’m hoping you’ve all seen the photos from Watanili, which are so touching and make the challenges over there so very real. I know I wasn’t alone on the Board in feeling deeply saddened by the harsh reality that those photos convey, but also very grateful (and encouraged) that we were all able to work together to bring such glowing smiles to those young faces. This heartwarming outcome would not have been possible without the contributions and generosity of the forum members. Ronda's help in the whole project was invaluable and it was great to see such global collaboration.
On a related note, the experience of these last few weeks has reinforced for the Board the role that KasCare can play in assisting vulnerable children in the world. This is a topic that the Board has discussed at length, particularly as we look towards the future of the organisation. Working with Ronda and Watanili has shown there is a valuable role we can play in connecting creative communities around the world with those who greatly need their help, particularly where responsiveness and timeliness are so critical. It has become clear to us that our role is as a facilitator, through this we can help ensure that the warmth, comfort and care of many around the world can reach places where it makes a profound difference for those experiencing almost unthinkable challenges.
With this clarified sense of purpose, we have decided to change the name of KasCare so that it better reflects this role. Our new name - Create Care Global - is one that (hopefully) reflects our focus on helping those with creative talents and caring hearts connect with like-minded spirits across the world, and make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. This will be particularly important as we seek to build our network of partners, who can help us reach those in need, but also corporate organisations who may be willing to contribute financially to logistical costs, as well as other like-minded creative people, like yourselves, around the world.
Thank you.
Angela Perry
Chair Create Care Global