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Dear Moderators,

I know we have taken a while to reply to your feedback and I am sorry.  I think part of that has been our internal process and desire for good governance, some of it has been the re-brand and us having a good hard look at ourselves, and finally Geraldine's departure.  

I have replied to the feedback below and also outlined some of the things we are hoping to achieve in the next 12 months.  I hope this is helpful.

Role of CreateCare Global (KasCare)

I am hoping that some of the confusion around our role was explained in the re-branding information. 

We are a separate entity and owners of the brands and different websites associated with Knit-a-square and CreateCare Global. We are separate but very connected to Knit-a-Square SA. 

We own the domains and have been responsible for setting up the sites. We currently host them and pay for domain names and hosting costs.  

The forum is also a CreateCare Global asset in as much as it was set up by Sandy McDonald and she remains the platform creator.  However, we know that you have created most of the content and information for many years as well, so we really view this as a joint asset. 

Going forward we see ourselves very much as the facilitator between yourself and other forum members and programs run in South Africa and elsewhere.

The more detailed paper will be provided in the New Year to help explain all of this further.


Point of Contact

I have struggled to proactively respond to everyone's replies and requests because I have a number of different roles and hats, again I am sorry for this.  I know this is not ideal so in the New Year we are hoping to have someone from our community to act as a point of contact for everyone.  That will make responses quicker.

Use of Funds
All donated money was used by direct appeal from KasCare to help support it and KAS South Africa in their operations starting in April 2010.  Sandy McDonald made consistent appeals on behalf of both organisations for the following 2 years.   

There were a few paid positions in relation to both entities that were paid from the donation sums, and also some running costs around the website etc.  These were all disclosed fully and discussed across both organisations.  So the concerns around the use of funds came as a surprise to be honest. If there are specific concerns from the moderators about the use of funds we are happy to address them specifically.  For the last 2 years we have donated all funds to South Africa and its operations.

Projects outside South Africa

Our vision as an organisation is to operate globally and previously we have outlined some of our vision.  We have also been approached by a number of members who are very supportive of this. 


We also have a growing community of organisations that need our help in countries like Syria, South America and Nepal who are approaching us.  We need to remain true to our mission and purpose.  In that, we will continue to help and support KAS South Africa as one of our key partners.  We hope that by growing the community the support for them will increase globally. 

We respect your wishes to have an exclusive focus in South Africa and the new updated shop is a great example of that and how you can help South Africa, which we applaud and support. 


I would also really love to have more engagement with what you want and need as a group.  I just don't have the time to spend working with all the different people in the forum so we are looking at having a volunteer to help with constant contact in the New Year.  It would be great to introduce Amber to the group over time.  That way I am hoping we can understand each other better and ultimately work together better.


Next 12 Months

We are currently embarked on a rebrand of KasCare to CreateCare Global.  This rebrand will roll out over all our collateral in the next twelve months.

Part of the process for us will also to build the community so KAS SA is supported better and the forum and community can keep growing. Part of this will also be to look at the websites and domains.  We would really like to have a member of the moderators to be part of the group working on the websites and other social media with us, so we can work together on this. Let us know if there is a volunteer willing to do this.

We are revamping the KasKids materials.  We have an individual on the Board who has an incredible amount of knowledge about teaching and learning tools.  Again if there are some key stakeholders among the forum members that have knowledge in this area we would love to have them involved in the sub committee.

We hope to start work on this in the first half of next year to be completed by the end of 2016. 

Once we have achieved DGR status here in Australia, we intend to fundraise as well so we can help with items like postage and paying for the websites etc.  Part of the process will then be to give an annual report of what we have been up to, which I will make sure gets circulated to all of you

Currently, we are researching worthy projects worldwide that need the help of creative and compassionate crafters.  We will share these with you as we find them.

Have a great Christmas and I hope we can chat more openly in the New Year.

Kind Regards,

Angela Perry

M:    0424 557 297