Knit-a-Square Financial Statements for 2013-14 and 2014-15

Historical content: This blog post is more than 12 months old, so some content may now be out of date.

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Our thanks to Anne Powell for pulling this information together!


Sharon Fenell and Louise Tidman have gone through the lengthy financial statements and come up with this concise summary.  Thanks, Ladies!

We have received a copy of the full annual statement. This is a very large document and too big for the forum, so we have diluted this and provided the key information.

For ease we have reported the information in GB sterling and US dollars.

Unfortunately it is clear to say and of no surprise that KAS has been operating on a shoestring budget and in year ending 2014 they ended on a loss of £1214/ $1877. Thank goodness, Ronda stepped in and provided financial support to keep it going.

The Knit- a-Square financial year ends in February. The information below is up to February 2015.


In 2013/2014 Knit -a -Square received £13988 / $21631 in donations.

In 2014/2015 Knit -a Square received £ 17022 / $26324 in donations.

The report does not provide a breakdown on these donations other than information below.



Operating Expenses 2014/2015

We have batched the key expenses together and there are no concerns on how the money is being spent.

Knit-a-Square ended the financial year with a balance of £1336/ $2066