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We have been working with this Evaton Gogo group for about two years or so.  Evaton is about 80 km from Johannesburg, so is always quite a mission to administer.  

On this occasion we met Mabel for the first time. 

She initially sent a message to the KAS cellphone on the 7th of December, asking for help.  She finally made contact with Ronda in March.  She explained that she runs many Gogo groups and would love them to stitch blankets for us, so we left her with 5 bags of squares.

Mabel helps us out on Tuesdays whenever she can ...

... and she will take Wendy's seat on the KAS South Africa board.  Knowing Mabel has made our lives simpler!

This is the very first distribution we did on Mabel's introduction.


Mabel has since conducted more than 20 distributions on our behalf which has been a massive help. Here we collected 35 blankets and left another 5 bags of blanket packs.  

Anyone who has sent a donation to help pay our Gogos will be pleased to know that we were able to pay them R350.  This is such an important part of our endeavor and your ongoing support and generosity is appreciated!

This Gogo group is organised by Connie Diphoko whose family owns half of Evaton and runs the ambulance service.   It is a desolate area far south of Johannesburg - an area that seems to have been "forgotten".  It is part of Sebokeng Municipality.