LITTLE SNIPPET - or Ronda's middle finger!

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Ronda has had an accident with regard her middle finger - and it doesn't look like fun!

Her is Rond's email :

I managed to actually slice OFF the front pad (where the finger prints are

meant to be) of my middle finger on the left hand this morning.

Was making salad with my sharpest knife ... I could not stop the bleeding so

went to the emergency rooms in Fourways and they gave me a local

anaesthetic, cauterised the arteries which were spurting away, bandaged it

up and sent me on my way.

One hand typing effort which is a bit time consuming.

This will slow me down for a short while - nothing worse, I am sure.


Yes, I am clumsy - always have been !!

Please spread the news - I will still type thank you emails for funds

received but may be slower than normal for a week or so !!