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Dear Members of Knit-a-Square,


We have been engaged in wonderfully productive conversations with Ronda in regard to the crisis unfolding in Syria.

A grassroots organisation called Watanili, operating out of Dubai, has made a request for 100 blankets to take to the children in the refugee camp in Reynali on the border withTurkey. They explained that the families had expressed real fear at how they would deal with the freezing conditions in the upcoming winter. It was also explained that Watanili are leaving from Dubai in less than three weeks for their next field trip, so there was some urgency about getting the blankets to them.   


With this in mind, we have discussed  with Ronda how we could best facilitate this. She recognised the urgent need and suggested we use some of the backlog of knitted squares which she has in storage in order to support this incredibly worthy need before the onset of a bitterly cold winter.


We totally respect the fact that when these squares were sent to South Africa and were knitted and sent with the children of South Africa in mind. We are therefore wanted to ensure that you were notified, that with Ronda’s blessing,  your work and generosity is going to warm these children who are facing a freezing winter. The call is so urgent, we thought we could respond with more immediacy, by working with Ronda and using blankets and beanies that are ready made.


We  will undertake to raise the full cost of postage and delivery etc, of approximately $1000 ourselves, so that there would be no burden on KAS SA. We have  also given an undertaking that should we raise funds in excess of what we need for the postage, that this will be given to Ronda for KAS SA. 


Thanking you all, and looking forward more of this collaborative working together,


Geraldine Coy

Chair of KasCare Board