I Love Yarn… Let’s Celebrate!

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ILYD2015_instagram_small-300x300I Love Yarn Day 2015 is being held on Saturday, October 17. Brought to you by the Craft Yarn Council (CYC), this annual event celebrates yarn. (Personally, I love to “celebrate” yarn at least once a month by squeezing, caressing and/or buying it, but everyone deserves a day!) To commemorate its fifth anniversary, the theme is Stitch It Forward, encouraging everyone to teach a friend, neighbour or family member how to crochet, knit, loom or otherwise have oodles of yarn fun. This is a great chance to pass along your love of stitching to someone you love.

In the recent past, I’ve taught one friend to knit and another to crochet. There are a lot of free beginner patterns out there but what better way to learn than to make a square? Think of the possibilities… teach someone to knit or crochet for the price of five or ten squares. They learn an essential life skill while practicing a relaxing hobby and you get squares to contribute to KAS. Brilliant!

pencil-paperIn other news, the kids are back to school here in the western hemisphere which means the sales are on for school supplies. Stocking up on 10-pack pencils for 25¢ and 80-page notebooks for 50¢ really gets my excitement level going because I use the notebooks to line the sides of my packages and the pencils to maximize the weight. There are only so many squares I can squish into a package and they don’t really weigh that much.

KASshopIf you can’t get out to the stores, you can always visit the KAS Shop and purchase some colouring books and crayons, paper or reading books online, sent directly to Ronda and her team. It’s true that one of the main goals of KAS is to warm and comfort the children but think what a difference some paper and pencils can make to a child who has virtually nothing.