Calling all teachers, schools and youth groups!

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Are you involved with a school knitting group for KAS?

We hear all the time about KasKids Programs running in schools and other youth programs. These are some of my favorite stories, because groups like this are empowering kids to make a positive change in their world.

The teachers, educators and youth group leaders in our community do a fantastic job sharing a love of yarn and of social justice with our next generation.

We want to share these stories with the rest of the world.

At the moment we are working on putting together a video for teachers (and others who work with young people), on how KasKids and Knit-A-Square might fit in with their programs. We want to celebrate kids helping kids, and encourage more people to share our passion.

You are our experts here!

If you have run a program, seen kids make their first square, celebrated with the kids when you see their blankets wrapped around vulnerable kids, we want to hear your stories and your ideas about how to make KasKids successful in schools.

If you run a school knitting program, an after-school or lunchtime knitting club, a scout or guide troop, a youth group, or any other activity where young people learn how to warm a vulnerable young person on the other side of the world by knitting or crocheting, I would love to hear from you. 

If you'd rather not post directly here, send me a PM. It's okay if you'd rather not appear in a video, we'd still love to hear about your experiences so we can continue to develop materials for KAS in schools and youth groups.

I can't wait to hear (and share) even more of your amazing stories!