KasSnippets - May 2014

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KasSnippets - May 2014




As winter approaches we have increased our number of distributions in order to get all the wonderful warm stock of blankets, beanies, tops and other items out to the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa before the really chilly weather reaches us.  I will report on each and every distribution that we do focussing on one distribution at a time.  At the moment the office is packed and we can barely move, but within the next two months, we hope to have distributed everything.

We are packing up all the stock for distribution - a huge task to say the least!


At the beginning of April we visited a school called Sakisizwe in Dobsonville Soweto and were thrilled to see yet another magnificently managed facility. 


To read the full Report, also discussion comments :

 Please click here

Other recent reports : Our KAS friends in KwaZulu - Natal and The Kids at Kido's Educare



Erica Smith (Australia) is now President of the KasCare Board (the International arm of Knit-a-Square.com), having taken over from Sandy, and to this end will be providing quarterly financial reports on donations received and the expenditure/distribution of funds. Here is a 'snippet' of the first report posted inApril :


Where did KasCare funding come from?

Over the past three months, we've averaged a little under $3000 US per month in income. This has come almost exclusively from donations by members like yourselves, so we thank you humbly for your support.


About a third of our donations come from recurring donations from members. I really must make a special mention to these individuals, because they make it possible for us to plan safely and confidently for the future, knowing that this much at least will keep coming in every month.

Click here to read the full Financial Report


Bundle of 70 May 2014 Squares - 10 Mellow Yellow 35 squares Jan's squares  April14 35 squares photo 1


This challenge is going to take us around the planet whilst reaching great heights & piles of squares - 178,000 to be precise, in order to reach the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town in South Africa!

We are going to need 50 squares for every foot climbed!

We toppled The Gherkin in London and went onto to the Three Gorges Dam in China, the Seattle Space Needle in the USA and covered them! Since then we have visited Missouri, Bogota, Korea, Sweden & Denmark, Poland, Paris and Cambodia. Currently we are trying to reach the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa for which the pile must grow to 35,425 squares which has the highest bungee jump in the world!


Here is the link to KAS Reaches Great Heights for Children



We still have a surplus of hats and beanies - they are being sent by contributors who do not receive KasSnippets and therefore are not aware of our stockpile!


the newly introduced hand-warmers are going down a storm with the children, and, even more so with their teachers! The children can continue to play and do their school work whilst wearing the hand warmers. Normally they battle to hold pencils, crayons etc when wearing regular pairs of gloves and it is impossible with mittens.

Here are a couple of photos which shows their delight!


For knitters, Nicole Pickering (Aus) has created a no-sew version using double pointed needles (dpn).  Find it under Variation 2 in the knitted Hand-Warmers pattern found in the KAS Pattern Book.

Some of the crocheters are having difficulty with the direction of the ribbing for the crochet Hand-Warmers.   Please look carefully at the photo.  The ribbing is to give stretch to the Hand-Warmers so that any child can wear them.  If their hands are small the Hand-Warmers will fit neatly, if their hands are larger the ribbing will stretch to fit the hands.  Try the Hand-Warmers on your hands….does it stretch to fit your hand (a bit tight but it will stretch).  If there isn’t any stretch then the direction of the ribbing needs to go the other way.


Andrea Palmatier has written a blog on

April's Colour Collision Challenge

We’ve had a particularly long and snowy winter here in Canada but the signs were slowly appearing that Spring was around the corner. The geese came back, the snow melted (with the exception of some stubborn snowbanks), the garden showed signs of coming back to life and there is even a duck nesting in it. And then yesterday it snowed. AGAIN. Will winter ever end, I wondered?

To read more of this lovely blog click on KasBlog or you can find it anytime on the menu bar that goes across the Forum.


A thank you letter and photographs from an orphanage in Mozambique

My name is Rika Boersma.  My husband and I run a orphanage in Mozambique, called All Nations Mozambique. We have 30 children.  Through our friend, Leonie Smith, we have received blankets from your organization - knit-a-square. 

Thank you so much.  What a tremendous blessing these blankets are.  Each child has chosen their own blanket and are sleeping warm.

I am on FaceBook and will post some photos.  Will also e-mail you some, so you can share with those whose hands have worked hard to bless our children.

Thankfull Blessings, Rika Boersma, All Nations Mozambique

Joao, Idrussi, Ricardo, Hawa and Dene

To see more of these wonderful photographs (11th May)  Please click here

You might also enjoy reading a report from Mama Ntombi Community Projects

There are so many cases of neglect, abuse, starvation and sickness that MNCP's Community Development Worker, Solomon Qadi is kept very busy as he has to investigate each case, write up reports and try to assist where we can. In some case we need to provide taxi fares so that the children can be taken to the hospital for treatment, in other cases we provide food parcels for those who are really struggling, whilst others are referred to the Child Welfare Dept and Social Workers.

Next time you hear a teenager complaining about their trainers not being the latest designer brand or fashion - please show them this pic!

To read more on this and other associate groups please go to

KAS Forum - Facebook page




The Blanket Room Collection - since last month a considerable number of blankets have been added to the collection, especially from Lorinda! Here is a blanket patiently put together by Molly using a collection of donated "off-sizes"




Lots to distribute!

To see more of the recent photographs in Sorted in Africa

please click here



The JBay Recycling Project for Children

& Stitch Witch News

Due to school holidays and poor weather conditions there have not been so many weekly sessions, one week they collected 1.4 tons of recyclables despite the cold bitter wind.

Stitch Witch hand-warmers were chosen by this  little one!

 Yet another young boy gets his much wanted bicycle - however, he was too shy to pose for the camera and asked for a body-double to stand in for him!

Please click here for more photographs JBay Recycling Project for Children

If you are a member of Facebook, then do check out the Stitch Witch page to view some of their recently created blankets and meeting session.



lead by Carolyn Steyn

Whilst this wonderful project runs, KAS will provide members with regular updates on the progress of the blankets being created. We have created a discussion page with photographs of the completed blankets so far.


Wellington Preparatory School is up to blanket No.49 of their own!

Link to 67 Blankets for Madiba

The project now has a new official Facebook page,

here is the Link



Lincolnshire Ladies reach their Heights in Crowle!

Dorothy reported in February : Have now worked out what size needles for thickness of wool and how many stitches. Working my way through the patterns and have completed 10 squares including a red heart for Valentines Day. Will post some pictures.......... 5 of us knitted after Church on Tuesday. Other group sessions planned when more will join us. We have set our own height challenge to be more achievable, though pleased to be part of the overall challenge. We have the unique remains of a stone cross about 2 metres high in the church - St Oswald's Crowle in the Isle of Axholme. When that has been achieved I hope to encourage the ladies to aim for the highest point of the land in Crowle which is 19 metres. The Isle is a low lying area which was drained by a Dutchman in the 17th century. Fortunately his work still protects us and we are not suffering as those in the south of England at present.

Now which pattern to knit next..................................?


Three months have passed and I never expected the response I have had! Our pile of squares has reached the top of the The Crowle Stone twice - over 1000 squares and everyone knows someone else who is busy knitting. ladies who have not knitted for years have been happy to dust off their needles and start knitting again. One lady who has never knitted now knits at least one square every day! We have squares to meet every month's challenge - the psychedelic colours which one lady uses are dazzling! Members of a local golf club had no time to knit but have generously contributed to the postage which as has been pointed out elsewhere is disappointingly expensive. However it is all in such a good cause both in South Africa and at home for those who are now so happily knitting again. Our first parcels will be sent this week.


A little while ago KAS received this poignant email from
Leona Smith as follows :

My name is Leona Smith.  My sisters and I are organizing a KasCare knitting/crocheting day in memory of my niece Cassidy who loved knitting and crocheting.  We lost her to a car accident 1 ½ years ago and have found it very difficult to continue doing something we all loved to do together.  Knitting for a cause has been very helpful in working through it.  Very thankful for KasCare

We are organizing a day to make squares in her memory.  So far there are about 20 ladies attending. We plan to make this an annual event.

Do I have permission to print information from the KasCare website for this event?  We would like to have information for people to read so they understand how important these squares are. And how they make a difference.

Thank you for your time,

Leona sent this follow-up message :

Our first annual event was great.  The generosity of others leaves me speechless.   We had around 20 ladies at the event and another 10 that dropped in for part of the day. 

We should have 5 or 6 boxes of squares to send to you!  A local company wanted to help out and will be paying  for all the shipping costs!  We will also be making a financial donation.

Although having an event in memory of my niece Cassidy left us with many difficult emotions, we know that this is the perfect way to honor her! Next year will be even bigger! 

We took some pictures and would love to share them with you as well.  I will get the pictures along with a write up about our event to you.

Thank you for everything you do for KasCare.  It has been a blessing to us.


 Still to come the 


18th, 19th and 20th July

This year, the show's Woolcraft committee has generously donated a space in the community area for a dedicated 

KasCare Sit-And-Knit!

To read the full discussion Please click here


You can read more about the Sheep and Wool show here:


Or read more about Australian Woolcraft, who manage the community space we will be in, here:


MAUDIE BRYAN (of Wool Girl fame) posted this delightful photograph on the KAS Facebook page :

Here is a photo taken this morning where I joined the ladies of the Scot Memorial Uniting Church Hobart. The squares are piling up again for their fourth parcel for KAS from the Mission Club. Others contributors were out of camera range.


KAS.... at the café AGAIN!!

The Canadian crew are at it again! After meeting up with Heather last month, this time they couldn't resist meeting up due to Linda & Dave Maltby were visiting briefly. Anne has come up with yet another one of her KASisms  -  KasKanadians - if you are going to be in Toronto at anytime please contact Anne, so she can organise another get together!

To read more of this occasion, please click here !


Wendy, Andrea, Anne and Linda


Thanks to Valerie Zalewski, KAS now has a French Language Discussion Group. Valerie has been diligently translating the KAS Patterns into French so that we can welcome non-English speaking members into the world of Knit-a-Square!

If you would like to check the Link to KAS Knitting Patterns and 

Crochet Patterns you will notice that some patterns have the French National Tri-colour flag with a link to the French language versions. Valerie (France) is providing the text and Linda (Canada) is adding the patterns to the KAS Pattern Book - from mid-June more will be added.  For those members who would like the opportunity to comment in French, please go to the International Group  Page then choose SECTION FRANCAISE : Carrément Votre

This newly created section is in its early stages of development and further improvements are planned with more links on the website to direct would-be contributors to its pages!

Long term, with the help of our volunteers, we hope to provide more patterns in other languages. We know from experience that many non-English speaking groups, would love to share their knitting & crochet talents to help provide warmth and comfort for the children.

Don't forget the KAS Flyer (Information Brochure) has already been translated into French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese by wonderful KAS members and these can be found in KAS Promotional Material


Lead by Sue Gillman (New Zealand) with much appreciated support from Debbie Posmontier (USA)
After the whirl and fun of last months colour collision challenge, we have moved into the more sedate springtime colours, and as, members have come up with their own original and witty take on Mellow Yellow - it certainly has a more relaxed feel! Here are some of the beautiful creations :
Mellow Yellow for the May challenge May 2014 Challenge:All the yellows May ... Cro-Knit Grass and ... um ... well ... ah ... Dandelions??? RedBird BlueBird with Yellow Border  May - Slip Stitch Square p. 7 Members' Patterns - submitted by Wendy May challenge 1 1st square Yellow 8x8 Square for KAS 5.3.14 May 2014 First batch Simple 10-Petal Afghan Square Mellow Yellow Slip Stitch Knitted Square yellow space alien  MAY 2014 CHALLENGE - ALL THINGS YELLOW Yellow.... of course. Yellow Truck Rain and sun 
Here are some of the Mellow Yellow goodies!
Orange, lime and mellow yellow Cuddle Hand-Warmers  Puss-in-Boots May14 Mellow Yellow hand warmers 5. May 2014 Heather's Winter Warmer 38
The June Challenge - will be Day of the African Child
lead by Robin Monsees

2014 Challenge Themes

Here is the list for the rest of the year! 






OCTOBER – FAVOURITES – favourite yarn, patterns etc - Gloria Grandy 


DECEMBER - UN-CHALLENGE - time to relax, have fun, and get ready for the holidays - Susan Haines



The emphasis for this challenge was boxy sweaters, knitted or crocheted, with very generous armholes, so that children can wear them as an outer garment over their other clothes.

We suggested using the patterns in our KAS pattern book or commercial patterns that have raglan sleeves and generous neck openings.

The challenge was a resounding success – our knitters and crocheters produced an astounding 215 garments!  

Go-Overs – 73,    Hexagon Sweaters – 40,       KasCuddles – 32,

Kathy’s Cosy Jumpers – 31,    Heather’s Winter Warmers – 12,

Other jumpers – 12,   Zanny Sweaters and vests - 15

Chunky Go Over for January - April challenge April 2014 Heather's Winter Warmer 37 February cuddle number 1 photo photo photo   photo photo photo photo  

A special shout-out to Christine Chiplen who has come up with a No-Sew version of our Go-Over (which will soon appear in our Pattern Book). Christine’s hook must have wings – she managed to make 26 Go-Overs!!!!

The Pinterest page with photos for all garments made for this challenge can be found at : Pinterest Garment Album






Even though we don't have the latest list, parcels are being opened, squares are being sorted, blanket packs are being made up and children are being kept warm.

Link to all previous Square Lists



The Diamond in a Square: A crochet pattern

by Linda Maltby (Canada)

The Diamond in the Square is an excellent way to adapt a smaller square to the 8”/20 cm size needed for KAS blankets.  Start with your favourite 5in/13 cm square for the centre [or crochet the smaller square included in the pattern].

The diamond shape highlights the flower centres.

 Crocheting 35 squares in the Diamond in the Square pattern makes an attractive blanket.  If making enough for a blanket, please send as individual squares along with a photo. 

The sewers will use the photo to construct the blanket for you.

This is a precaution, as stitched together blankets may incur a customs fee whereas separate squares do not.

The Diamond in a Square pattern

is one of the many patterns to be found in the

The KAS Pattern Book.

If you see another pattern you would like to try, please do!



Edited this month by Pam Antink

The Square Heart Award for May 2014 is for

Paola Ferrari - Bologna -


Paola and husband Ettore

Paola joined Knit-a-Square in March 2010, and, is one of those members who beavers away quietly in the background.

She works as an English teacher in Italy, and has contributed beautiful squares, with lovely and  kind feedback & comments. One member has described her as someone with a heart of pure gold.


Paola fund raising for Knit-a-Square at her school in 2013!

As an English teacher, Paola is a great Anglophile and feels that Great Britain is her second home. "Sometimes I think it is my first!" she commented when she posted the square below.


Gloria found a quote Paola posted by John Wesley :

"Do all the good you can, 

By all the means you can,

In all the ways you can,

In all the places you can,

At all the times you can,

To all the people you can,

As long as ever you can."

[Incidentally a great summary of KAS members!]


To read the rest of the award, please click here






 3 teddies
We have received an additional 139 Likes on the Facebook page so far during April-May taking our total to 7,319 !    We also copy the messages etc received on Facebook to the Forum for anyone who is not a member of FB.