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On Tuesday, 1 April Wandi and I popped into the Chiawelo Community Centre to collect the first batch of blankets stitched together by this group of ladies as part of the KAS community upliftment programme whereby the gogos are given R10 for each blanket they stitch together.  The gogos are doing a wonderful job of stitching the blankets together and they also crochet around the outside of each blanket to give it more support.


The KASvan full of blankets – a beautiful sight!


Unfortunately because of some internal politics, the group looks like they are going to split up.  KAS did let the gogos know that we would be happy to continue providing them with blankets to sew together once they had resolved their issues and I am pleased to report that it all appears to be sorted out and we are delivering blanket packs for stitching to two groups in that area now.


After our brief visit, we headed to Kido’s Educare, a crèche in Protea South in Soweto, for a distribution.  This centre is managed by a lady called Julia, who does a remarkable job under the circumstances.


Arriving at the Kido’s Educare Centre in Protea South.

  Inside the crèche – Julia is photographed with me in the photo on the right.


The whole Protea South area is a real mess.  It is gradually being reclaimed by the municipality as people are re-located.  A very dismal place to live as you can see from the photos below.


In and around Protea South…


The children also appeared very sad as you can see that from their faces.  LOTS of tears and unhappiness around although Julia, I think, does a good job and has made a big effort.  Unfortunately I forgot to take soft toys with me that day, but luckily Wandi was able to get toys to the children a week later – hopefully that cheered them up some!!!


Some of the sadder faces….


We did get a few smiles though.


We have been very busy sewing together blankets, sorting mail and distributing all your wonderful contributions and we will be picking up the pace ahead of winter so that we are able to help many orphaned and vulnerable children, just like the little girl photographed below.