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For some time now we have been trying to get to the New Generation crèche in Dobsonville, Soweto to do a large distribution to around 80 children and on Tuesday, 18 March we finally got there!


The KASvan parked outside the school.


I headed off to Soweto bright and early to meet up with Wandi before heading to Dobsonville.  We stopped off to drop some more blanket packs at Peo Mpepe for the gogos to sew up and met up with our friend David again who was very excited to see us.  After a very brief visit, and having collected 50 completed blankets from the gogos, we headed to New Generation.


This project was founded 10 years ago and is immaculately managed and run by Mrs Tshabalala to ensure that the children of her community receive a proper education and are taught by qualified teachers in a caring, but disciplined environment.  She has created a model of excellence where the kids are being given foundational preparation for “big school”.  It really is an inspiring venture with happy faces everwhere!



A very well run school!!!


The women involved with New Generation had long since arranged for the blankets to be stitched up and some of the pics show where they are stored during the day.  The children will be allowed to take their soft toys home, but the blankets will be used at the school!! Sometimes this makes for less complication where siblings at home might challenge for ownership!


Your beautiful KAS blankets stored in the children’s lockers for bed time.


The teachers were thrilled with everything - and the kids were excited, too.

Sadly some of the pics have an awful GREEN tinge about them - I only realised this once I got home and looked at them again.  There was this bright green awning above the play area... !!!!!!



The children under the green shade cloth!


Mrs Tshabalala had a chat to Wandi before we left and mentioned that she "mentors" some very poor crèches in the nearby Snake Park area.  She is going to talk to other crèches about stitching up blankets for the kids in their care, and will be in touch with Wandi to set it all up in due course.



Wandi and I chatting to Mrs Tshabalala.



The children loved their toys, beanies and tops.


They celebrated by singing and dancing, miming some complicated actions and clapping their hands, and were encouraged to improvise one song which went along the lines of …


“Thank-you uMumRonda / Thank-you uMumWandi – God bless you!”  Which was just delightful !!!