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Wandi was recently introduced, via a family member, to a lovely gentleman by the name of David who works with various homes that care for the elderly as well as day care centres in and around the Dobsonville area of Soweto.  He was very excited at the opportunity for “his” gogos to help sew together blankets and only a few weeks after Wandi dropped blanket packs off, he called to say that the blankets are ready!  So, Wandi, Wendy and I met up with David in Dobsonville and visited the Peo Mpepe centre for the elderly.

Arriving at the Peo Mpepe Centre.

Peo Mpepe was an Aids Organization that alleviated poverty amongst child headed families and was started in 2005.  The organisation changed its focus and began caring for the elderly having seen how badly they were treated.  Many of the elderly are victims of rape, robbery and abuse and very many of them are simply dreadfully lonely.  There were no day care facilities for the elderly in Dobsonville and so Peo Mpepe took these people in with the aim of improving their living conditions, providing mental stimulation and education – some of these gogos have learnt to write their names for the first time!  They also partake in various activities like sewing as well as physical exercise to keep fit.  There are currently 48 people, some with special needs, cared for by 15 staff members at this centre.

  The gogos proudly display the blankets they have sewn together.

After a welcoming speech and prayer as well as some beautifully sung hymns, we handed the gogos the R10 per blanket which they were so grateful for.  After enjoying some tea and scones, we gathered up the blankets to distribute them to a small day care centre not far from Peo Mpepe.

 For some reason this little boy was at Peo Mpepe and was thrilled to be a part of the handing over of blankets and even more excited about his teddy.

 The KASvan is packed and we head off to Phindi’s Day Care Centre.

The school was not expecting us so you can imagine the surprise when we arrived with beanies, tops, blankets and stationery!  The principal, Maria, knows David well and after some explanation welcomed us with open arms.

The children at this small day care centre were so sweet.

We draped blankets around the babies that were fast asleep and left them each a hand knitted toy to snuggle with.

David poses with the principal of the school, Maria who was very excited about the box of stationery and other goodies we delivered.


We enjoyed a great day with new friends in Dobsonville and look forward to distributing the next batch of blankets these gogos make up for us.

Just to keep you in the loop, we have had an extremely busy start to the New Year and I am pleased to inform you that we have found small premises to house KAS and we will be renting these premises for a year.  We had hoped to move last week already, but with it being month end, it was too costly, with no one able to assist us with furniture removal.  So, we are moving in over the next two weeks and will report on the move shortly.  This week we are also manning a KAS stand at a local craft show – Hobby X – in order to raise awareness for KAS in South Africa.  An extremely busy time for us all!