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Towards the end of November 2013, after having visited the gogos in Chiawelo for tea, we visited Irene, an old friend of KAS, who runs the amazing Retshepisitswe Day Care Centre based in Chiawelo in Soweto.  

You may recall that we visited their earlier that year to hand out your warm, colourful blankets, beanies, toys and tops.  That day we handed blankets to three of the four groups and left blanket packs with Irene for the older children. 

Our visit to Retshepisitwe earlier in 2013.

Irene had finished making up the balance of the blankets and we thought we would pop in to see her and the children.  On approaching the Day Care, we knew something was up – there was total silence…..

Sleeping time at Retshepisitwe.

Yes, you guessed it, the children were all fast asleep having their daily nap.  As we all know, when children are sleeping – do not wake them up!  We enjoyed a very special visit with Irene and her sleeping angels and were given the opportunity to catch up with her, and talk to some of the teachers.  They proudly showed us their class photos taken recently at the graduation ceremony and spoke of the high hopes they have for these children.

This is an incredibly well run Day Care Centre as can be seen form these few images:

“A place for everything and everything in its place” – well at least while the children are asleep!

Irene is another one of the amazing, dedicated ladies we have come across.  What was also evident when we visited was the loyal support she gets from her husband.  Wandi says, “They do everything together and set the perfect example of a loving couple for these children”.

Irene – full of smiles and love….

We never did get to wrap the older children in their blankets, but it was a very warm day anyway and we know that the children will be able to snuggle up nice and warm when the winter arrives. 

Thanks for looking after these precious children Irene and keep up the great work you and your staff do!

These images reminded me of the beautiful African lullaby “Thula Baba”.  Do yourselves a favour and listen to this song performed by Kimmy Skota (born in Dordrecht in the Eastern Cape in South Africa) and André Rieu by following this link:

Thula Baba lullaby by Kimmy Skota