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Thanks to Lesley, Kevin, Caleb and Ethan Miller - our much valued USA volunteer family!



Caleb suggested this project 5 months ago, and has been working on it ever since.  The delivery of much needed shelving WAS ABOUT to be made to the offices, when the idea had to be shelved! [Ronda begs forgiveness over the pun....]


However, all was not lost, and the shelves, which completely dismantle and re-assemble were brought to Ronda and Peter's garage yesterday!  [Sunday 12th]


Here is a photographic sequence of events!

Caleb helps load the KasVan

Caleb and Dad Kevin start carrying the shelves into the garage for assembling

The assembling is underway!

The shelves are slotted in and up she goes!

Trimming the backboard ends!

Getting the shelves into position behind one of the garage doors with help from Peter - Ronda only has one vehicle now, the KasVan, and she is too big to go into the garage!

A delighted Ronda with Caleb!

And it is very quickly stacked with parcels!

The heavy red and blue plastic containers fit exactly into the compartments - which is how we first envisaged using the shelves!

Currently the other containers are 'in storage' at one of the our team members house, but we will get them back and use them as planned in due course.

The second set is assembled and ready for use!

Me and our benefactor Caleb!

Ronda signed Caleb's project 'off' formally, but we want to make him a certificate for his own records.

Ronda remark, "People are SO amazingly kind to Knit-a-Square - it is hard to wipe the smile off my face, I must say, God is Good!