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On Saturday Ronda visited the home of Nelson Mandela to pay a personal tribute and to represent Knit-a-Square.


Wendy and her daughter Sarah arrived on Sunday as The Salvation Army band was playing the South African national anthem which everyone was bellowing out through fits of tears!

Here is our first pictorial tribute to Madiba on the day of his Memorial Service which will be attended by leaders from across the globe.

Above are the flowers and note placed outside Madiba's home by Ronda. Below are two photographs taken outside Ronda's house 

 Here is Ronda outside Madiba's home in Houghton

The Knit-a-Square bouquet placed with all the other floral tributes.

Here are some of the photographs that Ronda took during her visit.

People placing momento's

The Knit-a-Square Bouquet.

Personal messages for Madiba

A young man writing his special message.

Another special personal note.

The trees in the area are wrapped in the South African flag colours with posters of Madiba everywhere.

News reporters from across the world doing interviews.

Reporters and supporters.

People coming and going.

This is a Toyota dealership near Ronda's home. Many corporate companies have put up signs on and outside their buildings, and, on their websites paying their respects to the

Great Man.

Knit-a-Square will be paying further respects as the week goes on.