Knitting instructions

Easy Knitting Instructions for an 8" x 8" (20 cm) square


Here is an easy and free knitting pattern from the KASPattern book.

If you are learning to knit, this is a great beginner knitting pattern.  



Materials and Equipment

  • Worsted yarn (U.S.)/Double Knit (UK)/8 ply (Aus), 100gm (3.5oz) in any combination of colours.
  • One pair knitting needles [see below]
  • A yarn sewing needle



Cast on whatever feels most comfortable to you:

  •   44/45 stitches on 4 mm (6 US) needles
  •   40/42 stitches on 4.5mm(7 US) needles
  •   35/36 stitches on 5 mm (8 US) needles

Row 1: Knit.

Row 2: Knit.

Rows 1 and 2 form the 'garter' stitch knitting pattern for your square. Continue knitting as per these two rows until your square is as long as it is wide.

To ensure your square is 20cm/8" either use a tape measure or form a triangle by folding one corner of your square over to meet the opposite corner as shown - if all sides are equal - then you have a square!




Cast off / bind off. Leave a 50 cm/20” tail (for sewing the squares together). Butterfly* the tail to the square.


If you already knit, please use your own pattern variations such as moss stitch, stocking or other close weave stitches. We would suggest that the finished result is dense without too many holes, for added warmth.

You can use different types of wool or wool blend yarns, acrylic yarns and bamboo or perhaps double up lighter weight yarn such as 4 ply. But whatever your yarn weights, make sure your squares are warm and cosy, like the colorful square above.

Making the knitted squares as consistent in size and weight as possible will help our wonderful volunteers, grandmothers and others to join the squares quickly and easily into blankets for the abandoned children and AIDS orphans.  The children will treasure these blankets for their warmth, texture and colour, as well as for their knitted patterns.

The knitted squares have been designed at 8 x 8" (20cm) to make sure that they can be quickly made. Ronda has requested that the tail at one end of the square be 20” (50cm) long and butterflied* to the square.

*How to ’butterfly the tail’ is as easy as 1, 2, 3 . Use contrasting yarn and follow the directions:   

We welcome knitted squares out of any yarn you have, as we will use them for the children who live in care, orphanages or for children who head up families in small houses. All live in great poverty.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm in contributing to this crocheting and knitting project to help keep the abandoned children and AIDS orphans of South Africa warm. 

Every single square will be in a blanket to keep a cold child warm.


There are many photographs of the talented work that is being done by the members of our warm and friendly Square Circle forum.  Please join us there as we would love to meet you.


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