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World AIDS Orphans’ Day 2012

Today it is World AIDS orphans day. The day was established in 2002 by FBX International.

The story of FBX International is a touching one in itself.

Their website describes how, “FBX International carries the name François-Xavier Bagnoud who was helicopter pilot specialising in rescue operations. He dedicated...

5 years 9 months ago

A letter from me to you

It really has been a long time between posts.

Many of you reading this will have received the recent Square Circle ezine, so you will be familiar with the latest developments in KasCare, most excitingly that we are venturing into Zimbabwe,...

5 years 10 months ago

Knitting for Africa (part 22)

By Roger G McDonald

A Humble Toast

Zanny’s knitting’s hidden, but still handy.
Good Father Francis, elevates the host.
At Mass’s end, he calls upon our Sandy
to speak to us. And lest you think I boast,
she does so in a kind of humble toast.

Quickly, she describes the goals of KasCare*;
in seconds more, the programs that we trust
will make a difference: KasKids, Knit-a-Square.
It’s clear the congregation...

6 years 6 months ago

Knitting for Africa (part 21)

By Roger G McDonald

Lost and Found

The choir knits the air with hymns of praise.
Its three-part crochet magic taunts belief.
A thousand voices leave us in a daze
because they’re only fifty. And some thief
has nicked my cynicism—what relief!

My thousand isn’t wrong. The attendance
obeys the choir. The air becomes pure sound.
Ignorance transforms to joyful penance;
We’re islanded, with music all around....

6 years 6 months ago

Knitting for Africa (part 20)

By Roger G McDonald

The Tribe that Africa Forgot

Our colour in this place sets us aside.
We stand out like the dandruff on a suit.
The procession wheels to make its way inside.
But elders, careful herdsmen, strong and mute,
steer us aside, like sheep into a chute.

The front pews of the church are kept for us.
I feel like an impostor. We are not
the main cast, just members of the chorus.
They’ve lost the script. Or...

6 years 6 months ago