Knit-A-Squillion Challenge

Warm 36,000 children and wrap them with your love

The knit-a-squillion challenge was run during 2012.

The goal was to reach one million squares in total. To participate, first download the Knit-a-squillion flyer below. This explains the challenge.

Then, we need every KasCommunity member who is connected with KasCare, knit-a-square, the Square Circle forum, Ravelry, Facebook and Twitter, and who knows about our work with the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa, to:

  1. Each knit or crochet 60 squares within the year ourselves
  2. Invite five other friends or family members to knit or crochet 25 squares
  3. Ask each of those five people to invite one other person
  4. Introduce the knit-a-square program to your local schools, churches and communities
  5. Introduce the knit-a-square program to your local retirement village
  6. Invite people in our small business, company or organisation to the knit-a-squillion challenge
  7. Start a knitting group
  8. Write about knit-a-squillion on your favourite knitting and crochet blogs
  9. Send the flyer you have downloaded to all your friends and family and ask them to pass it on to all their friends and family
  10. Make sure everyone subscribes to the Square Circle eZine on the left!

Let's start a viral movement.
Make sure you ask everyone to let the folk in South Africa know that you are working for the knit-a-squillion challenge. You have know idea how much hope this will give people there working so hard to help the children.

Just fill in this form, and once you have the flyer, start sending it out to whoever you know will want to make a difference in the lives of these children who so badly need our help.