Welcome to knit-a-square's resources page. As you are here, you are probably already a valued member of our KAS community, crocheting and knitting for charity whenever (and wherever) you can, to make squares for the AIDS orphans and vulnerable children's blankets. Thank you!

Here’s how else you can help . . . spread the word wherever you live, in your local community, schools or churches, yarn shops, retirement homes, hospitals, hairdressers, retail outlets, doctors, ... the list is endless.

And please support us further with a small regular donation to help our volunteers put blankets on children in South Africa. There is a donate box in the right hand column of this page.

These resources are here to help you spread the word about the good you are doing, thank others for joining you and to raise awareness of the plight of the vulnerable and orphaned children in southern Africa.

Kas Square Measure 8x8inches (20cm)

 The square measure is an ideal handout. It contains all the information needed for anyone wishing to create and post squares to South Africa.  Blankets are made up of 35 squares, firstly sewn into five strips of 7 squares, then the strips are stitched together, so it is essential for squares to be very close to 8x8inches in size in order to make a beautiful and neat blanket.If printed onto card, and cut-out afterwards, the square can then be laminated to make them even stronger.  

PDF icon Square Measure 2.pdf

Kas business cards

The idea for these business cards came from one of our members in the USA. She says she has found them very useful for distributing widely to anyone at anytime.

There are 10 to a page, so they are economical to print at home especially if your printer takes slightly thicker stock.


PDF icon kas_buscards.pdf

Kas Rulers x 4

These rulers designed by a valued member, Andrea Palmatier are a wonderful resource.

You can use them anywhere, leave them in your local coffee or yarn shop or give them to friends as bookmarks.

The setting should be "Landscape"to print from your home computer.

PDF icon KASRuler_4up_nocrops.pdf